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I’m Sofia, but you can call me Sofi.

23. Olympia,WA. Moving to Florida. Short, fat and deliciously Mexican. Colorblind. Amateur Photographer. Nikon Fanatic. Deviously Deviant. Has two dachshunds, Monty and Hero. Canine Foster Parent. Laid back. Easy to please.

I blog whatever I feel like blogging; notice the lack of theme. Don't like that? Too bad. If you want a theme and structure, go elsewhere.

Likes: Dogs, Music, Photography, Inspiring Quotes/Photos, Jewelery, Food, Candy, Girly stuff, Funny stuff, and, of course, creepin' on the posts of those I mean follow.

Dislikes: Homophobes, Ignorance, Rudeness, Bullying, Abuse, Discrimination, Closed-Mindedness, and Poor Spelling and/or Grammar.

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*COPYRIGHT NOTICE* All photos and images originally uploaded by me are my own, regardless of the presence (or lack of presence) of my watermark, and are copyright to me. They are not to be duplicated, printed, edited ,manipulated,or sold without my permission. I do not steal -any- photos or images and would greatly appreciate it if those of you who share my photos would show the same consideration and respect.

Thanks :]